For over sixteen years, the firm has been practicing local intellectual property law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Covering various activities from registration of properties, to prosecution, and litigation; the firm serves its list of clients with activities that span local, regional, and international jurisdictions.

Realizing the growing need for intellectual property legal services, the firm continues to grow the department while maintaining the highest levels of quality services. The firm seeks to collaborate with different international expertise and has recently started its collaboration with the globally recognized Finnegan, LLP to assist local and international clients with their IP needs.

Believing in its importance in realizing a sustainable economy that is driven by innovation, the firm is vigorously undertaking the development of its IP practice and aims to be the leader in providing IP legal services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Specializing Attorneys on this Area

Feras Al Shawaf

Managing Partner

Abdu Al Adeeb

Senior Associate | Corporate

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